Prior to J19, I was a subscriber to the "work a lot/eat a lot" lifestyle and found myself 40 lbs overweight and in the worst shape of my life.  Over the last ten years, fitness became of less importance and took a back seat to work and family.  I found it hard to find the time to work out between work and playing with the kids.  My weight gain was gradual and happened five pounds at a time and over the course of a few years.  Ultimately I found myself watching my kids play, rather than playing with them and I knew I needed a change.  I had tried traditional gyms and several diet plans, but none of them seemed to stick.  I was very reluctant to try crossfit because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to handle the workouts.  The intro program has been a great fit for me.  Kelly describes the program as an "on-ramp" to crossfit because it focuses on form first and making the workouts achievable to help build your confidence.  He gives instruction on food choices that are easy to follow.  I actually wake up excited about going to work out and that hasn't happened in a long time.  Getting healthy is a process and it doesn't happen overnight.  The intro class is a great way to get yourself started.  I can't say enough good things about it.



My husband and I are in the 3rd week of the intro class. We are loving it! Each class builds on the previous class allowing us to progress at a safe pace beginners to crossfit. It has been very helpful to have the constant encouragement to push yourself a little farther each class.

The Intro to Crossfit class is by far the best thing I've ever done in my adult life! The moves are challenging but Kelly and Brooke explain the moves so well and their are so patient. One day, I gotten frustrated because I couldn't get the moves right so I cried but Kelly stepped in and made the rest of the session better.  He's not only a coach but also a confidant and he given me a boost of confidence I thought I never had. I highly recommend anyone to try CrossFit J19!!!! They rock!!


Gabrielle Q.

Being an overweight woman who has been told she can't do something repeatedly or just flat out rejected by personal trainers in gyms I gave up hope of finding a place I not only enjoyed working out, but seeing results.  All that changed January 5, 2015.

Kelly will not take excuses nor will he make you feel inferior. In fact, I have been so inspired by this way of getting fit my goal is to compete in Crossfit in 2016.  I never feel alone or like an outcast with my group. We cheer each other on and it's refreshing to actually looking forward to workout.  Some thing have to be modified for me because of my size, but I am determined to shed, be consistent, and most of all commit. 

My motto now is: Crossfit is y New Lifestyle!
Trè Joyner

Crossfit J19 is a truly inspirational place to go. My favorite quote that I have learned from Crossfit is that it is the only sport where the last person to finish has the most people cheering for them. Kelly is a wonderful trainer who really cares about making sure that you are safe,giving it your all, and that you are welcomed. If your excuse Is that you don't have time- make time. if your excuse is that "I don't think cross fit is for me"- IT IS. 

Quit making excuses and give it a try. You will not regret it!! J19 is THE BEST.


Jessica Barr 

The intro course is great. It teaches you the proper way to lift and exercise during CrossFit. The workouts are also designed to work your body to gain strength and endurance without being too sore to continue the workouts. The gradual process of this intro course is very beneficial for anyone wanting to start CrossFit.  

Brian Carter

I have truly enjoyed the intro course at J19! This has been the best thing to help my wife and I to get back into shape! Everyone has been extremely nice and encouraging in every workout! We are both extremely happy with this lifestyle change. We both highly recommend J19 to everyone.

Thank you,

Danny D'Armond

Really enjoyed the class! The intro class is great for someone who is considering joining CrossFit for the short or long term. Teaches the basics of CrossFit and gives a base for moving forward. 


I am on my second round at J19 Fitness.  When I left two years ago, I was in the best shape of my life.  I had lost 40 lbs., my strength level was at an all-time high(I had never been able to do a pull up before), and my endurance was better than when I was a teenager.  After I left J19, I joined a few local fitness gyms and worked out on my own for a while but it was not the same.  Over time, I was looking for excuses to not workout instead of looking forward to it.  I missed the people, trainers, workouts, and family atmosphere that I had at J19.  I called Kelly in late July and told him that I missed it and was ready to come back.  He said that I should join the intro class since it had been a while since I had done a crossfit class.  I am so glad that I started back with the intro class instead of jumping back in with the normal class.  I knew all of the movements but my body was not ready for the full workout.  It has been a little over a month since I started back and I can already see improvements in my strength and endurance.  I am excited to see how much more I can improve over the next year.  It is great to be back and be a part of J19 Fitness! 

Allen Hardwick

Hey! I just finished the intro course a few weeks ago and LOVED it! Brooke was the main teacher and she was awesome! Everyone around the gym was so helpful any time I had questions! They took the time to explain and demonstrate how to use safe and proper technique on the moves so I felt comfortable doing them! I loved the encouraging attitude of the coaches and all the other gym members I was able to workout with! I would definitely recommend the intro course at J19 to anyone looking to get started with Crossfit! 

I wanted to take a moment to share my experience with the “Intro Course” at J19 Fitness.  I was always an athlete growing up, played every sport from football to soccer.  I started lifting weights at 12 years old and continued until my 30’s.  Like most people, my life got complicated, raising a family, building a career, something had to give…right?

Well, after failing to darken the door of a gym for over 10+ years, I saw an ad for Kelly Olcott’s CrossFit “Intro Course”.  Well, like a lot of people I’ve heard about CrossFit and seen some of the people on TV climbing ropes and slinging piles of weight around like nobody’s business, and while interested, I would never have taken the plunge without the safety of being in an entire group of people roughly on the same level as me.  I mean, who wants to get embarrassed at the gym?  

Granted I had one advantage, I knew Kelly because we attended Vestavia Hills schools together.  So, I gave him and ring, my one question, “Will I die if I try this?”

He answered with an easy chuckle, “No, you’ll do great.”

I showed up.  He was right.  And that’s exactly what you get with J19 Fitness, and Kelly Olcott - the straight simple truth, and action to back it up.

Kelly personally oversaw each one of our classes, providing expert, detailed instruction as well as patiently demonstrating each movement.  I felt each class was scaled to work within our ability, but to propell us on.   We are even offered nutrition advice at each meeting.  The workouts themselves are remarkably brief in terms of time spent in the gym, yet the results are undeniable. 

In just four short weeks, I've witnessed my energy level throughout the day skyrocket, my ability to exercise without losing my breath dramatically improve, and even got an unsolicited comment from my wife that my shirts fit better.

I feel like I've found the fountain of youth.  Or maybe Kelly Olcott is the Rosetta Stone for middle aged fitness.  I’m not sure, but after this experience, I’m not giving it up.  See you at the gym.

Keith D. Splawn 

We began coming to J19 as the result of a friend's recommendation. The intro course provided us with the foundational skills we needed before we decided to join. J19 is more than a gym to us . It's a community of people who encourage us to set goals we never knew we had and to accomplish things we didn't know we could do. We really enjoy the community aspect and the support we feel each time we are here. We highly recommend trying it.

- Chad and Lyndsey Baxley