KO Food Blog - Breakfast Frittata - Rocket Fuel - Yum Yum Paleo

 I hope you are enjoying my food blog as much as I am making it.  If you eat these meals your body composition will improve. Couple it with some exercise and amazing things can happen.

I am a huge fan of breakfast.  Breakfast kindles your metabolism each day.  Your metabolism is your friend if you stimulate it properly.  If you don't eat breakfast.  Start eating breakfast.  My favorite thing about this Frittata is that its actually breakfast lunch and dinner.  My whole family except sid will kill some frittata.  You can pack this as a snack or dinner to eat on the road.  Throw it in the microwave and walla paleolithic goodness.

Ingredients :

Coconut Oil , Kerry Gold butter, Zuchini squash, Red Onion, 1 Garlic Clove, 12 Eggs , Sweet Potato - Medium to large , Sausage, Bacon

The pictures tell the story on this one. Bon Appetit! KO

KO Food Blog - Chocolate Chip Kinda Paleo Pancakes

Paleo pancakes can be strict paleo but this version has a few tweaks.  These babies are easy and extras can be refrigerated for later eating.

Basic Ingredients:  All can be found as Costco.

Bananas  ,  Eggs , Almond butter .  Browning bananas are good and smushy.

You can add fruit, flax seed, chocolate chips or whatever your heart may desire.

I normally use 1 more egg than banana.  This batch is 4 bananas and 5 eggs.

Cook for around 2-3 mins per side.

The pictures tell the tale.  Enjoy!

Skillet Egg Sausage & Red Pepper

This is not the complete picture display like my previous two posts but worthy of the blog.

Breakfast is key. If your one of those people that don't like to eat breakfast, you should change that. Especially if your over the age of 35.  For most people it slows down there metabolism. Slow metabolism is no bueno.

The key to whipping up a good breakfast is having the right stuff to do it with.

Costco:  (All of these ingredients are at Costco)

Organic brown eggs.  - You can use any egg but organic brown taste the best to me.

Red Bell Pepper - Again any bell pepper will do.

Coconut oil.

Salt and Pepper



Medium high heat stove

Slice the sausage to your desired thickness.  The thicker you slice the longer it takes to cook.  Place them in the pan. Cook three to 4 mins on each side.  Check to make sure that you are not burning.

Crack eggs in a bowl and whip them together with a fork

Thinly slice peppers. Around 1/4 in strips .  While the sausage is cooking place a heaping teaspoon of coconut oil in the center of the pan with the sausage moved to the sides.

Cook peppers for about 2 and a half mins.  Pour eggs in.  I used four eggs.  The picture that I used was after I  had eaten over half.

The number of eggs and size of pan is going to dictate how long it takes for your eggs to cook.  I did not flip these eggs.  I covered them with a cookie sheet.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Eggs should not take longer that 4-7 mins.


Chili Boom Boom

Here is entry #2. Going to try and do at least 1 entry per week. This is my award winning chili.

I love some chili.  There are many forms of chili.  If you stay around these basic guidelines you will be turning out some world class vittles.  Paleo Style!


1 Onion,  1 Acorn Squash, 1 TBS Cocoa, 1 TBS Cumin 1 TBS Coconut flower 5 TBS Chili powder 3 Bell Peppers, 3 large cloves garlic, 1 pound ground sirloin 1 pound Italian Sausage. TBS Coconut oil, Whole Mushrooms, 1 Can Tomato sauce, 2 Cans diced tomato, Salt and Pepper, 1 Cup water, Can of corn,

Cook it in the order of the pics then let simmer for about an hr to soften up acorn squash.

Scrambled Eggs, Spinach, Mushrooms, Avocado and Tomato

Prep Time : 15 Mins  All ingredients can be purchased at Costco. 

This is a very basic meal that packs a big punch.

Prepare in the same order as the pictures.  Start with the eggs so that they can sit and get closer to room temperature. This make the eggs nice and fluffy.  Sautee the mushrooms for about 2 minutes on each side.  You could cut the mushrooms up if you want.  Add the salt and pepper to taste while sautéing.  Add a couple of handfuls of spinach.  The spinach cooks down fast.  Will be around 2 minutes.  Once the spinach has wilted add the eggs. I let the eggs cook until they start to get firm across the bottom then i flip them one time. Eggs cook for about 4 to 5 minutes.  Quantities on all ingredients can be adjusted easily to cook for several people or for more than one meal.  Garnish with fresh avocado and Tomato.