Sweet Potato and Acorn Squash Hash

My first time making this version.  This baby is hearty and will keep you moving.  Love me some acorn squash.

Ingredients: Acorn Squash,  Medium to large Sweet Potato, Coconut Oil, Kerry Gold Butter (You can use coconut oil only or Kerry Gold Only)  Salt and Pepper.

*Don't cut your finger off when cutting up acorn squash!  That shredder can get you as well.

This batch is good for about four people in one meal.

KO Food Blog - Breakfast Frittata - Rocket Fuel - Yum Yum Paleo

 I hope you are enjoying my food blog as much as I am making it.  If you eat these meals your body composition will improve. Couple it with some exercise and amazing things can happen.

I am a huge fan of breakfast.  Breakfast kindles your metabolism each day.  Your metabolism is your friend if you stimulate it properly.  If you don't eat breakfast.  Start eating breakfast.  My favorite thing about this Frittata is that its actually breakfast lunch and dinner.  My whole family except sid will kill some frittata.  You can pack this as a snack or dinner to eat on the road.  Throw it in the microwave and walla paleolithic goodness.

Ingredients :

Coconut Oil , Kerry Gold butter, Zuchini squash, Red Onion, 1 Garlic Clove, 12 Eggs , Sweet Potato - Medium to large , Sausage, Bacon

The pictures tell the story on this one. Bon Appetit! KO