World Famous Chili

This Chili is truly award winning! At least according to one panel of judges. Chili is a great way to nourish your body and It's never exactly the same. I will add pictures next time I make it. If you want to be strict Paleo take the beans and corn out.  Enjoy.


20 oz Organic ground beef

1 LB of any of the following - sausage, deer, turkey, chicken, elk, bison, buffalo

1 Medium to large onion - Diced

2 Cloves garlic - minced or chopped small

1 Tablespoon Cocoa

1 Tablespoon Flour (Baking)

1 heaping tablespoon - Cumin

4-6 Cloves

2 Bay leaves

5 Heaping tablespoons chili powder

1 16 oz can black beans

1 16 oz can kidney beans

1 16 oz can white corn

1 16 oz can diced tomatoes

1 16 oz can stewed tomatoes

1 16 oz can tomato sauce

Mushrooms (whole or sliced)

Sea Salt


2 Bell Pepper - Diced  (Green , yellow or red)

Cup of water


Brown all meat with onions and garlic. (Med high heat) Drain if desired.   Add all spices and tomato ingredients. 

Bring to a simmer.  

Add all other ingredients and let simmer for at least an hr. 

Salt and pepper to taste. 

It will continue to get better as it simmers on low low.