Spinach, Sausage and Vegetable Fritatta

I love Fritatta's.  Sometimes I love the taste but I really love the convenience and nutritional benefit. 

The key to eating well is preparation and food availability.  A frittata can provide all meals for a day if needed. It can also be frozen.  I normally eat on a fritatta for about 3-4 days.   There are a million ways to mix up a frittata. Really just like a pizza but you dont have the bread. 


Big table spoon coconut oil

Medium Onion

one large head of broccoli

Several handfuls of spinach

1 orange bell pepper (can be any color)

Package of Sausage. I like hot sausage. There are a million choices.

15 Eggs - Whisked

Package of mushrooms

Medium Zuchinni

2 Large Garlic Cloves

Salt and Pepper

Directions:  In a large skillet that can also be placed in the oven. (If your skillet has a rubber or plastic handle that will not work).  Also check to be sure that the pan will fit in the oven.  Stove temperature med high.  Oven temperature 350. 

Chop onion to desired size. 

Mince garlic. If you dont have a mincer you can chop really small or slice. 

Grate zuchini with a cheese grater like hash browns.  Place zuchini on a paper towel and wrap and squeeze to remove excess water. 

Break broccoli up in bite size pieces. 

Chop yellow pepper as desired. 

Cut mushrooms up to desired size.  I buy whole mushrooms remove the stem and cut the head into quarters.

Place the coconut oil in skillet with onion and garlic.  Cook stirring frequently for about 3 mins. 

Add Zuchinni and Yellow pepper and cook another 3 mins. 

Add mushrooms and spinach.  The pan will be quite full. Push everything down with a spatula. Place like a cookie sheet over the top for about 3 mins. 

Pour whisked eggs over the top as evenly as possible.  Let cook on the stove until the perimeter begins to harden. 

Place entire pan in oven and bake 20-25 mins.   Salt and pepper to taste.  

Cut into pizza slices the size of your desired meal.  Boom rocket fuel.