The Conecuh Peppa Burger

I love hamburgers. No this is not completely paleo.  With a few modifications it could be. 

The hamburger meat is key.  I bought mine at Mr. P's in bluff park.  I have them season the meat with Mr. P's original.  This is another key.  

Before you cook the meat let it sit out until room temp. 

I cook my meat on an egg with the temp around 300 and place setter in place. (a ceramic thing that diverts the direct heat.  It takes 12-18 mins. 

Ideally you would have your toppings already prepped to cook before you place the meat on the grill. 

The toppings for the Conecuh Peppa Burger are as follows. 

1 Green, Yellow and Red Bell Pepper - Medium to large. 

Cut these julian style.  If you dont know what that is google works. 

3/4 Medium red onion.  Cut similar to peppers

Thinly slice two links of Conecuh sausage.  i got the nitrate free kind at costco. 

Saute all toppings together until they start to become soft.  I used bacon grease from another delicacy that had been cooked earlier that day.  Heat is medium high.  10 mins or so.

Cocunut oil or butter would work great as well.

Your burgers should finish up a little before your toppings.  Place the burgers in the oven or microwave while you finish up. 

Place your buns on the for approximately 3 mins. 

Place patty on warm bun then pile high with the toppings and monterey jack cheese. 

Serve immediately! 

You can also include avacado, bacon .