Chili Boom Boom

Here is entry #2. Going to try and do at least 1 entry per week. This is my award winning chili.

I love some chili.  There are many forms of chili.  If you stay around these basic guidelines you will be turning out some world class vittles.  Paleo Style!


1 Onion,  1 Acorn Squash, 1 TBS Cocoa, 1 TBS Cumin 1 TBS Coconut flower 5 TBS Chili powder 3 Bell Peppers, 3 large cloves garlic, 1 pound ground sirloin 1 pound Italian Sausage. TBS Coconut oil, Whole Mushrooms, 1 Can Tomato sauce, 2 Cans diced tomato, Salt and Pepper, 1 Cup water, Can of corn,

Cook it in the order of the pics then let simmer for about an hr to soften up acorn squash.