World Famous Chili

This Chili is truly award winning! At least according to one panel of judges. Chili is a great way to nourish your body and It's never exactly the same. I will add pictures next time I make it. If you want to be strict Paleo take the beans and corn out.  Enjoy.


20 oz Organic ground beef

1 LB of any of the following - sausage, deer, turkey, chicken, elk, bison, buffalo

1 Medium to large onion - Diced

2 Cloves garlic - minced or chopped small

1 Tablespoon Cocoa

1 Tablespoon Flour (Baking)

1 heaping tablespoon - Cumin

4-6 Cloves

2 Bay leaves

5 Heaping tablespoons chili powder

1 16 oz can black beans

1 16 oz can kidney beans

1 16 oz can white corn

1 16 oz can diced tomatoes

1 16 oz can stewed tomatoes

1 16 oz can tomato sauce

Mushrooms (whole or sliced)

Sea Salt


2 Bell Pepper - Diced  (Green , yellow or red)

Cup of water


Brown all meat with onions and garlic. (Med high heat) Drain if desired.   Add all spices and tomato ingredients. 

Bring to a simmer.  

Add all other ingredients and let simmer for at least an hr. 

Salt and pepper to taste. 

It will continue to get better as it simmers on low low. 



Scrumptious Seafood Chowder

It's fun to mix it up with really good and healthy food.  I'm into the hearty healthy soups right now cause its so efficient and tasty.  This one you have to try.


2 tablespoons coconut oil

1 medium white onion - diced small

8 bacon strips - Chopped

6 celery stalks - Diced

5 cups or more peeled and cubed sweet potato

2 cans full fat coconut milk

20 oz or so organic chicken stock

2/3 cup clam juice

Sea salt and pepper

1 10 oz can wild caught clams.  Pour juice into a cup and use as recipe calls

1 or 2 bay leaves

1.25 Pounds wild caught peeled and deveined with shells and tails removed.

Handful minced parsley for garnish

1 can crab meat


1. In a large soup pot, saute the onion in coconut oil over medium for 4-5 mins. 

2. In another pan cook the diced bacon until almost done.  Drain bacon and add to onions. 

3. Add celery and sweet potatoes and saute for another 4-5 mins

4. Add coconut milk, chicken stock , clam juice, and black pepper and bring to a simmer.

5. Add bay leaf and let the soup simmer for 20-30 mins or until potatoes are soft. 

6. Using a potato masher , gently mashed the cooked sweet potatoes to help thicken chowder, make sure to leave some potato chunky.

7. Add shrimp to chowder and cook for about 5 mins or until the shrimp are pink and tender

8. Add clams and crab meat and stir until well heated.  Serve soup right away and garnish with parsley or also add avocado. 


Kale , Butternut Squash , Acorn Squash , Ground Beef Soup - Paleo Delight

Cooking well is a trial and error process.  The more you do it the better you will get at it.  This is one that I will definitely make again. 


Tablespoon Coconut Oil - Heaping

Medium White Onion - Chopped

2 Cloves Garlic

1.5 Pound organic ground beef

1 Butternut Squash - Peel remove seeds and dice kinda large.  (Potato peeler works pretty good)  Be careful cutting the squash its kinda tough and you could wack a finger off. 

1 Acorn Squash - Prep same way as butternut. Acorn squash is a bit more challenging to peel. You don't have to get all the peel off. 

1 Pound bag fresh Kale.  (Its easiest to get the pre shredded and washed)

1 package fresh mushrooms (I used pre sliced this time)

1 can full fat coconut milk

1 Jalapeno Pepper - Sliced thin

36 oz organic chicken or beef stock.  I used chicken because its what i had. 

Salt and Pepper


In a large boiler on medium high heat melt the coconut oil.  Throw in the ground beef. (this could be deer, bison or most any type ground meat).  Cook until meat is almost browned.  Add minced garlic and the diced acorn squash and butternut squash. Place top on boiler for about 4-5 minutes removing the lid about every minute to stir.   Then add chicken stock and thinly sliced jalapeno salt and pepper.  Place top on and reduce heat to medium low and let cook for about 8 mins stirring occasionally.   Add kale until pot is full and place top on.  Let cook for about 2 mins remove top and add the rest of the Kale.  Cook another 2 mins then add your full fat coconut milk.  Stir and serve.  Garnish with Avocado. 

Slap your momma this is yummy!

Spinach, Sausage and Vegetable Fritatta

I love Fritatta's.  Sometimes I love the taste but I really love the convenience and nutritional benefit. 

The key to eating well is preparation and food availability.  A frittata can provide all meals for a day if needed. It can also be frozen.  I normally eat on a fritatta for about 3-4 days.   There are a million ways to mix up a frittata. Really just like a pizza but you dont have the bread. 


Big table spoon coconut oil

Medium Onion

one large head of broccoli

Several handfuls of spinach

1 orange bell pepper (can be any color)

Package of Sausage. I like hot sausage. There are a million choices.

15 Eggs - Whisked

Package of mushrooms

Medium Zuchinni

2 Large Garlic Cloves

Salt and Pepper

Directions:  In a large skillet that can also be placed in the oven. (If your skillet has a rubber or plastic handle that will not work).  Also check to be sure that the pan will fit in the oven.  Stove temperature med high.  Oven temperature 350. 

Chop onion to desired size. 

Mince garlic. If you dont have a mincer you can chop really small or slice. 

Grate zuchini with a cheese grater like hash browns.  Place zuchini on a paper towel and wrap and squeeze to remove excess water. 

Break broccoli up in bite size pieces. 

Chop yellow pepper as desired. 

Cut mushrooms up to desired size.  I buy whole mushrooms remove the stem and cut the head into quarters.

Place the coconut oil in skillet with onion and garlic.  Cook stirring frequently for about 3 mins. 

Add Zuchinni and Yellow pepper and cook another 3 mins. 

Add mushrooms and spinach.  The pan will be quite full. Push everything down with a spatula. Place like a cookie sheet over the top for about 3 mins. 

Pour whisked eggs over the top as evenly as possible.  Let cook on the stove until the perimeter begins to harden. 

Place entire pan in oven and bake 20-25 mins.   Salt and pepper to taste.  

Cut into pizza slices the size of your desired meal.  Boom rocket fuel. 


Kale Soup with Chicken

I wish I had documented the process with pictures from the start but this one is to good and easy not to share. 

List of things you need. 

Large boiler pot

1 pound chopped kale (you can get a 2 pound bag at Costco)

3 Garlic Cloves

1 Med Red Onion

16 OZ Organic Chicken Broth

1 Rotisserie Chicken

1 large Sweet Potato


2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil

Sea Salt


2 Cans - Okra , Diced Tomatoes and Corn (you could definitely do this part fresh but I used what I had)


Dice the onion and mince the garlic place in pan on medium high with the coconut oil.  Saute for about 4 mins.   Add chicken broth and 2 cups water and bring back to boil. 

Once you get back to a boil add Kale until it reaches the top of the boiler. Cover and cook down to create more room in the pot.  Approx 2 mins.  Add more Kale back to the top of the pot.  You will use approx 1 pound of kale. 

Reduce the heat to medium low.  Pull the Chicken of the bone in pieces and toss in the pot. Add Cans of Okra or whatever veggies you choose, Salt and pepper.  Dice sweet potato and toss in the pot. 

Simmer for approx 15 mins.  Serve with sliced Avocado over the top. 


The Conecuh Peppa Burger

I love hamburgers. No this is not completely paleo.  With a few modifications it could be. 

The hamburger meat is key.  I bought mine at Mr. P's in bluff park.  I have them season the meat with Mr. P's original.  This is another key.  

Before you cook the meat let it sit out until room temp. 

I cook my meat on an egg with the temp around 300 and place setter in place. (a ceramic thing that diverts the direct heat.  It takes 12-18 mins. 

Ideally you would have your toppings already prepped to cook before you place the meat on the grill. 

The toppings for the Conecuh Peppa Burger are as follows. 

1 Green, Yellow and Red Bell Pepper - Medium to large. 

Cut these julian style.  If you dont know what that is google works. 

3/4 Medium red onion.  Cut similar to peppers

Thinly slice two links of Conecuh sausage.  i got the nitrate free kind at costco. 

Saute all toppings together until they start to become soft.  I used bacon grease from another delicacy that had been cooked earlier that day.  Heat is medium high.  10 mins or so.

Cocunut oil or butter would work great as well.

Your burgers should finish up a little before your toppings.  Place the burgers in the oven or microwave while you finish up. 

Place your buns on the for approximately 3 mins. 

Place patty on warm bun then pile high with the toppings and monterey jack cheese. 

Serve immediately! 

You can also include avacado, bacon .  

Fried Okra and Squash Yum Yum

This is quick and dang good. 

You need:  Fresh Okra and Squash, Coconut oil, Egg , Salt and Pepper ,  Coconut or almond flower 

Cut the veggies up 

Whisk up an egg. 

Cover veggies in egg. 

Sprinkle with the flower. 

Fry for a few minutes on medium high in coconut oil. 

Salt and pepper to taste.

Enjoy immediately.

EZ PZ Mashed Steamed Cauliflower

Looking to replace a starch with a vegetable?  If trying to eat paleo or zone here is a simple solution. 

Things that you need:

1 Cauliflower Head

Olive or Coconut Oil or Kerry Gold Butter

Salt and Pepper

Break the florets apart from the head and place in a boiler. 

Fill the bottom of the boiler with about 1/2 inch of water. 

Cover boiler with a lid. 

Turn heat to medium high and bring to boil.  From the time you turn the eye until finished is approximately 8 minutes. 

Turn the heat off and let sit for about 5 more minutes. 

Pour excess water out of the pot. 

Tablespoon or so of olive or coconut oil and salt and pepper. 

Use potato masher to mash up soft cauliflower. 

Goes great with chili boom boom or any other paleo meat dish. 

Sweet Potato and Acorn Squash Hash

My first time making this version.  This baby is hearty and will keep you moving.  Love me some acorn squash.

Ingredients: Acorn Squash,  Medium to large Sweet Potato, Coconut Oil, Kerry Gold Butter (You can use coconut oil only or Kerry Gold Only)  Salt and Pepper.

*Don't cut your finger off when cutting up acorn squash!  That shredder can get you as well.

This batch is good for about four people in one meal.

Acorn Squash Wedges - Snacks and Sides

This is a great tasting and simple snack.

Cut the acorn squash and clean out the seeds as demonstrated in the pictures.

Be careful not to cut yourself.  You have to put some force into the knife to cut through the squash.

Coat the squash with coconut oil.  I used coconut oil and left over bacon fat from my breakfast. It was pretty good but I prefer just coconut oil.

The easiest way is to heat the oil in a skillet and toss the cut up pieces until covered.

Salt and pepper to taste then bake for about 20 minutes flipping half way through.

Yum Yum Paleo!