Member Profile: Robert Sturdivant

Robert Sturdivant at the 6:15am class 

Robert Sturdivant at the 6:15am class 

Being a member at CrossFit J19 is more than just a face or a single number of the total membership we claim. At J19, we truly value the individual and how we can make an impact on their life. Spend any time around anyone that calls CrossFit their preferred form of exercise and you will begin to get a glimpse at how it has changed more than just their physical stature. At J19 we greatly recognize this transformation and love that we can be a part of impacting our members in ways that extend outside our box. 

Moving forward, we will be featuring some of this life change through member profiles. Make sure to regularly check back on this blog page to read up on these exciting stories. We are SO PROUD of all of the hardwork that our members put into their own personal development at J19 and can't wait to share it with you here.


Robert Sturdivant is celebrating his third year anniversary with J19 this month! We have always been so thankful and appreciative of the work ethic and community spirit that Robert contributes to every morning at the 6:15am class he attends. Robert grew up in Vestavia Hills and graduated college from Birmingham-Southern in 2012 with a degree in religious studies. He is currently finishing up his masters in Youth Ministry at the Center for Youth Ministry Training. More than being just an outstanding member at our box, Robert is one of the student pastors at at Trinity Methodist Church in Homewood, AL. His lives his everyday life with the goal of "I don't want to be remembered, I want Christ to be known." He was blessed with meeting his wonderful wife Brittany in college here in Birmingham. They both love being outdoors, enjoying a cup of stout coffee, and just being a part of the Birmingham city life.

We recently sat down with Robert to learn all about his life and experiences here at J19 and this is what he had to say.

Why did you join J19?

A friend of mine and current member, Drew Smith and I go to the same church. I once shared with him how I felt that I was just getting stuck into the same routine at my, now old, gym. I felt like I was never pushing myself, whether that be in strength or conditioning. Drew had been a member of J19 for a few months prior to my joining so through a few more conversations with him, I decided to give it a shot. Within a week, I was hooked! 

What has been the most rewarding aspect of working out at J19?

Progress. Progress both for myself and for other members. It has been so incredible to look back on the progress I’ve made from the first day when I could barely do one pull up, but also the progress of others. Seeing people strive to be the best of themselves daily is a powerful thing to witness. 

What are your personal goals for crossfit as a whole? What are your goals for 2015?

In terms of long term goals, honestly to just keeping improving. It may sound vague but for me, the second I put a cap on something is the second I stop striving to do my best. However the constant mindset of “being better than I was yesterday” keeps me far more focused. As for specific goals of 2015 - 100 unbroken double unders, 10 unbroken Muscle Ups and to get back under 6 minutes for a single mile. 

If someone asked you to describe J19 what would you say?

A community. This isn’t just a place to “work out,” it’s a community that supports one another and challenges one another. 

What motivates you to go to the gym?

It’s that “be better than yesterday” mentality. Regardless of what the WOD is, each morning I wake up and I know that I have an opportunity to better myself. That’s my mindset throughout my day, so in terms of getting to the gym, I look at it as the opportunity to physically and mentally better myself each morning. Why would I want to pass that up? 

7) What personally motivates you in life?

Simply put, my faith and relationship with God.


Robert Sturdivant records his time & weight lifted for the WOD.

Robert Sturdivant records his time & weight lifted for the WOD.