WOD #1

4 x 400 Meter Run - Sprint - Each team member will run a leg of 400 Meters.

WOD #2

Find a 1 Rep Max - Deadlift - Back Squat - Power Clean and Snatch. 1 athlete will complete 1 movement.

15 Minute time cap. Score will be total load. There will be two bars for each team. 

WOD #3 

Each team will have 1 rower. There will be a 20 min time cap.

The team will be required to accumulate 5000 meters on the rower.

One athlete will also be accumulating max effort burpees jumping to a target 6" above flat footed reach average of team. Burpees can only be happening while another athlete on the team is hanging from a pull up bar.

Only one athlete will be resting.

Score will be row time and reduced by 1 second for every completed burpee.

If row is not completed by the time cap, every meter remaining will equal a second and will be added to the 20 min time cap before reduced by number of burpees.

Example: Finish row in 19:30 Complete 100 burpees = 17:50 finish

or 20 Min cap but only 4900 meters completed on the rower. 100 Burpees completed = 20:00 + 100 seconds = 21:40 less 100 burpees = 20:00 Min score.

WOD #4

Max effort pull ups. 1 attempt by all team members. 
Max effort T2B. 1 attempt be each team member.
Max Long Jump . 1 attempt each team member.
Max Distance Hand Stand Walk - 2 attempts each team member.

Time caps TBA