Too sore, WOD Anyway

I borrowed this post from CrossFit Invoke.  Good stuff. KO

You crushed the WOD yesterday, and the day before that, and  you’ve got your sights set on today’s WOD (unless of course it has thrusters, or overhead squats then suddenly it’s an off day) then just after wowing/boring your coworkers with how many pull ups you did yesterday you realize you can barely move, much less WOD. So you skip today because you’re too sore, and the coaches won’t notice you skipped class (we do actually) smart move right?

Wrong. When you’re sore or just sort of achy and stiff, the worst thing you can do is move less. Besides that, life happens when you least expect it and you may miss a few days unexpectedly, and now suddenly your goals are that much further off than they were when you were trying to pantomime Snatches to your boss this morning.

Here are some reasons why we think you should come in regardless of how sore you are;

1)     As your coaches we have no problem altering the movements and/or scaling the WOD to your ability level, or around your soreness, aches and pains or injuries. All you have to do is let us know and we’d be happy to work with you.

2)     Moving will reduce the soreness. If you don’t want to WOD then just come in and warm up with the class, stake out a corner and stretch and foam roll. Then encourage/yell at your friends while you lounge around with a lacrosse ball on your glutes. If you have no idea where to start when it comes to mobility or flexibility, again, just ask a coach. We really are here to help!

3)     Use the time for your health in some other way. Come in and learn about Crossfit, fitness, health, nutrition, or whatever strikes your interest. Learn by talking to the coaches, learn by watching others WOD and talking to others at the box.

4)     Shakeweight. (You’re never too sore to Shakeweight!) and it’s very functional. Uh hem.

Some things to do if you’re sore or stiff:

1)     Hydrate. You should be drinking At LEAST ½ your bodyweight in ounces of water per day. Ever seen an engine without oil? Don’t let the tissues in your body look like that. You hydrate today for tomorrow…not the moment of.

2)     Move. There are a lot of tissues in your body that interact and are meant to move around and slide across each other, don’t let them get glued down.

3)     Mobilize. Again, this restores motion and reduces inflammation in the tissues in your body. Come into the box and spend time stretching and mobilizing on the lacrosse balls and foam rollers. We also offer a free Yoga class every Sunday with your membership. Consider getting a massage as well, with sites like Groupon, LivingSocial and Twongo, you can almost always get a good deal.

4)     Heat. If you’re muscles are tight a heating pad, hot shower, hot bath (with Epson salt!) or any other source of heat will do wonders.

5)     Rest. Don’t overtrain. Overtraining leads to burnout, injury, and diminishing returns or stagnation in your progress. Active rest such as mobilizing, light running, swimming, hiking, kayaking, Yoga

6)     Shakeweight. (didn’t you read what I wrote about Shakeweighting earlier?)