Barbell 4.16.18 - 4.20.18

This is how the lifting will be posted from now on. This should help everyone keep track of where they are, and allow everyone to better plan out the week to use this as accessory.

Remember not to interrupt the class.

Week 1 of 4


6x1 hang snatch (from power position) @65%

4x clean + 2 jerks @70%

5x5 back squat @70%

3x10 plate crunch

3x20 Russian twist

3x1:00 plank


4x power snatch + 2 hang power snatch @60%

5x clean with a 3 second pause at knee @75%

1x3 front squat @80%

3x2 front squat @ 80% - 25lbs

5x2 push jerk @65%

3x10 bent over row

3x10 HSPU (this is a lot so scale if quality of movement goes down)

3x 10 glute ham raise

3x10 back extension


1x1 snatch from blocks at knee @85%

3x2 snatch from blocks at knee @85% - 25lbs

6x1 clean and jerk @75%

5x3 back squat @75%

3x20 alternating arm V-ups

3x20 reverse crunch

3x20 side wind mill


4x3 snatch @65%

1x1 front squat @80%

2x2 front squat @80% - 25lbs

3x 2 strict press + 2 push press @40% (of clean and jerk max)

3x10 yates row

3x10 lateral shoulder raise


1x1 clean and jerk from blocks at below knee @85%

2x2 clean and jerk from blocks at below knee @85% - 25lbs

6x1 snatch from 4 inch deficit @75%

1x5 back squat @75%

1x5 back squat @75% - 25lbs

3x MAX wide grip strict pull ups