12.19.16 - 12.23.16


5x1 Snatch at 82%

3x6 stiff leg DL at 60% + +15-25lbs

Pendlay Rows 3x6 AHAP

Alt Open Prep

EMOM 10 min

7 WB

7 Burpees


A) 1x20 reps BS at 45% +15-25Lbs of 1RM BS

B) Then work to a heavy Pause BS

4 Super Sets

10 Hip Thrusters AHAP

10 Bulgarian Split Squat Each leg 35/25 DB in each hand


Work to 85%+5-10lbs  Clean for a single
1x5 tng power clean at 50% of single +5-10lbs
1x10 tng power clean at 50% of single+5-10lbs
1x15 tng power clean at 50% of single+5-10lbs

4 sets- 2 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk at 70%+15-25Lbs lbs of 1 RM Jerk

Alt Open Prep

EMOM 15 min

Min 1-14/12 Cals Row

Min 2- 12 Box Overs

Min 3- 8 Clean and jerk 135/95


2x15 BS at 45%+15-25lbs of 1 RM (same weight you used for Mondays 20 rep BS)

Snatch DL Pause 2 sec below knee on each rep

4x3 @90% 1 RM Snatch

Alt Open Prep

5 rounds

Row 300m moderate

100m sprint

Rest 1 min


Work to 90% +10-15lbs Snatch
2x2 Snatch 84%

3x3 Snatch PP + 3 Snatch Balance at 70% of 1 RM Snatch +5-10lbs


Run 8x400m at PR mile time pace